microsoft yahoo saga continues!

You might have read in my earlier blog post about Microsoft bidding $44.6 billion for Yahoo but the story is far from over. With internet analysts and experts predicting a few days back that it was a done deal Yahoo has managed to prove them wrong. The analysts predicted that it would be difficult if not impossible for Jerry Yang, the Yahoo CEO to convince Yahoo shareholders against the deal; but believe it or not Jerry Yang has actually managed to convince share holders otherwise and the other day rejected the deal from Microsoft stating that the deal “undevalued” Yahoo.

Many people say that this is yahoo’s trick to increase the price for the company while some day that this might not be the best business decision  and instead is a decision based on the anti-microsoft sentiment. Whatever, be the reason the deal is off as of now but microsoft has said that it will continue its efforts to acquire Yahoo and also has said that it was “unfortunate” that Yahoo has rejected the bid.

Anyways, lets see where this takes us and lets hope all is best for technology and the internet.

new forum launched!


I have launched a new site for technology especially computer help and support. The site aims at creating a knowledge bank for people who need help in computers from topics ranging from Beginner level to an Advanced Level. We have right now incorporated a various topics when it comes to computers including programmimg, operating systems, databases and more.

So, do sign up, be an active member and help and get helped in the process.

The URL of the site is at

Advertising link gone from Google!

I know its kind of stupid to post about this but it is kind of weird on Google’s part as well. The advertising link on the homepage of Google which was there till yesterday night was gone today morning. I woke up today and booted my computer and the advertising link is gone. The advertising link on Google homepage had links to the Google Adwords and the Google Adsense programs. And not only on the homepage but also on the country specific homepages.(read:

Here is a snap shot of both the homepages of both as well as

Google Advertising Google India Advertising

Moreover, these links were taken out in so much hurry that the hyphens between the links are also not taken out. Lets hope that this is just a small inconsistency at Google’s end and not a hack attempt or an attempt to breach security!!

So, just hoping that all is fine at Google and Google fixes it soon!

microsoft wants to buy Yahoo! for $44.6 billion

I was shell shocked when the news came in on CNN that Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo! for $44.6 billion and i was like thats nothing new especially when it  comes to internet companies.  Its been ever since competition buying out competition but this is special because this is the BIG DEAL.

If this deal goes through then i wonder what will happen to Yahoo! open source commitment and that has really got me worried because I am right now working on a major project that makes use of the Yahoo user interface library which thankfully is open source as well as we are planning to use several of Yahoo!’s API.

So, hopefully even if this deal goes through i dont think yahoo should compromise on its principles as well as its commitment to open source software.

So, here is me,  hoping the best for both the companies as well as more importantly to technology!


top 10 productivity services from Google

I recently compiled a list of top 10 productivity services from Google which greatly help me  in my work as  a freelance programmer as well as increases my total productivity on the internet. This list is what helps me to do my job on the internet in very limited time interval as well as within the given deadlines which is very important. You can read detailed description about the top 10 Google services here.

The list compiled by me includes several Google services which are as follows:

  • Google search
  • Gmail
  •  Google Calender
  • Picasa Web Albums
  • Google Reader
  • iGoogle
  • Google Bookmarks
  • Gtalk
  • Google Maps
  • Google groups.

You can read the detailed description of the top 10 productivity services here. The fact that these services are so good when it comes to getting this done is because of their interoperability as well as the ability to be used using the same Google Account.  Ofcourse, the list could be expanded to include other Google services which are equally important like Orkut but then I decided to limit this to truely productive services and hence orkut was not included. So, maybe an article about orkut sometime later.

As always comments are welcome!!

online web storage is the new frontier!

Google has long announced its intentions to have an online web storage service probably called as GDrive, AOL already has Xdrive which offers 5GB of free upload space for its users plus a software that can be installed on our computer and can upload and download files seamlessly.  Amazon already has a web service which enables its users to upload files and download files as well as files called as Simple storage elastic. The prices are for per GB of download as well as per GB of storage which is quite cost effective.

Now, since all the Biggies are jumping into the online storage market, so has microsoft with its SkyDrive which is still in its Beta. Skydrive offers 1 GB of free storage space and you can arrange files in the form of folders just like windows as well as you can create and share folders.

So, there is quite a lot of competition for websites like rapidshare which has a lot of market cap currently with TB’s of files being shared on rapidshare. So, dont know what kind of impact does it have on those various image and file sharing sites which are used extensively by people to post adult content.

Thus, there is ample competition in the online storage and backup section and definitely this is the new battle ground for the internet biggies.

Websites crucial to customer buying decision, retention, interaction

A recent survey conducted by 1and1 website hosting in one of their press releases said that websites were crucial to customers buying and retention decisions. This is quite evident in todays age where in earlier people used to have their telephone numbers on their visiting cards but now they have their website address on their visiting cards even if they dont have their telephone number. That surely shows a change when it comes to marketing!

I have written an article on why and who should have a website? I think this is another reason which maybe I missed in the articles.

download Google, Youtube, myspace and dailymotion videos

Didnt you ever want to have a easier way to download that favorite youtube video on your hard disk or that favorite  myspace Tv video on your harddisk and you had to use those complicated softwares which were often loaded with spywares and malwares. Well, thanks to we have a simpler alternative.

You can download the videos using Just copy paste the URL into a textbox provided and you get a download link where in you can download the video. As simple as that, no software to download and hence no spywares and malwares.

The image of this website is as shown.

Download youtube, Google Video, ifilm and dailymotion videosThe service supports a variety of online video sharing services like youtube, Google Video, iFilm, myspace and Dailymotion.

Although this service is very handy the legality of this service is in doubt and I dont think its allowed to provide what this service provides. However, I am no law expert so I cant comment anything about that. But i certainly think that the copyright issues will certainly be more aggravated since more downloading by the users means more re-distribution and sharing.

So, I hope the users use this service sensibly and hence although this is one of those things on the internet which is great to have but should be used sensibly.

orkut introduces Photo albums!

Orkut recently introduced photo albums where in users can organize their photos in albums and describe the albums separately. I think it was about time orkut did that because the simple photos that orkut had all this while was getting a little messier and therefore this is a good thing that they have finally added this feature.

However, one thing that keeps me wondering is that Google has an excellent service for Photo sharing and organization called as Picasa and Picasa web. I think the next step in improving Orkut photos is integration of Picasa into orkut as well as posting of images from the Picasa software directly into an orkut profile. That would be pretty cool.

Hope Orkut and Google incorporate these features in the near future.

Its downtime again!

This is the second time that I have a post where in I have to apologize for downtime and it was getting really frustrating for me. Hence, I decided that it was time to call it quits and therefore yesterday night changed my website hosting and for good. Now, its been just one day since I have changed my web site hosting and lets see how this turns out to be.

Lets hope that this website hosting doesnt disappoint me.

Anyways, stay tuned because there will loads of more articles and blog posts coming your way because as you might have guessed it such small incidents like  a website hosting company which runs off with your money is going to dither me from blogging.

So, wish me luck and stay tuned!